Saturday, October 6, 2012

Touched for the very first time - Review of Chapter Five and Six of Deja Dead

I have a confession to make.

I have not bought this book. I find that when I'm at home, no matter my intentions, I don't read. I clean, Play with my son, paint, Clean some more. It's a compulsion. And I also know that if I buy the book, I want leave the house to read it. So. I haven't bought it and instead go to Barnes and Noble a few nights a week to do my reading. But it gets kind of hard to make posts later without having a book to look at. I should take noted while I'm reading. But I hate to interrupt myself. So excuse me if I misremember some things.

So, Tempe is plagued by memories of another murder victim she has worked with that seems to be a very similar scenario to the current victim. She mentions this to Claudel, encouraging him to take a look at the older crime to see if there is a connection, but her suggestion makes leaves him furious. It's easy to see that he does not welcome her input in the investigation. She is NOT the detective.

When a third victim is found, the fact that the murderer is a serial killer becomes undeniable.

Panda here! 

I'm on cold medicine so this may not turn out how I intended (by now everyone reading this blog probably thinks I'm a pill popper - sleeping pills and so on. You may not be wrong at this point...).

Chapter five was not worth the time. What even happened, again? lol. 

Chapter six, on the other hand, well... That was horrifying, ha ha. But, now we're getting somewhere!!! I mean, if you're going to write about death, lets do it in style. Make it worth reading about! Shove a Virgin Mary statue up a vagina. Gives a whole new meaning to "Like a virgin." 

*Considers how much of a psychopath I sound like.* 

But, yeah, the whole cut 'em up and put 'em a bag thing's just boring. 

On another note, WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!?! I *told* you Gabby was going to get in trouble, didn't I? I knew it! Boom. One point for the Panda. 

My next prediction? When Tempe goes in to save Gabby, she's going to need some help herself. That's where the leading man will come to the rescue - save the damsel in distress. UGH. (I'm betting myself five bucks right now). 

...Other than that I'm jealous of Hel's ability to read in public places. I can barely read when my cats are looking at me, let alone when B&N customers are around. 

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  1. that poor un-bought book at barnes and noble! bet it has creases in the spine and everything! shame on you hel now it will never find a home because its no longer a virgin now!