Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - review of part 5

Hey there, it's Hel!

So here we are at part five, second to last section of Treasure Island. If I had been reading this for fun, I would have given up by now for sure, but I am finally starting to enoy it.

Our hero Jim really begins to blossom. As you will see if you read the book , he actually saves the day - although everyone assumes he has abandoned ship. I laughed out loud when he sees sea lions for the first time and confuses them for giant slugs. I guess that kind of makes sense if you've never seen a sea lion, and giant slugs would be a nightmare. Another thing that really tickled me was his description of big things - one more than one occasion he says the phrase "goodish bigness". Har har.

One thing that really frustrated me about good ol' Jim was his stupidity with Isreal Hands. He knew Israel had a knife and was planning on attacking himself, yet he didn't do anything to arm himself. But, it all turned out alright and his interactions with his enemy show that he has grown as a person, over all. Blossomed, as you will. Just as my Wen conditioning shampoo is supposed to do to my hair, but it doesn't. Alas.

It's really easy to compare Jim to Frodo, as Panda has done in the past. After Jim kills Israel, he talks about having become used to dead bodies. It's really sad that anyone would get used to that, and it reminds me of the loss of innocence even the hobbit Frodo suffered. But I suppose we all grow up at some point. Except Peter Pan.

Panda here! 

First off, Hel made a Pan reference and that makes me happy. 

Second, I just took a sleeping pill, so I'm going to keep this short. 

I could forgive a lot of Jim's stupidity because he is so young. A lot of the time it was like this was all a game to him - a game he eventually wins at (despite his high risk taking). He even calls it a game at one point - one he "thought [he] could hold [his] own at." It's an ode to youth. They think they're invincible. But then again, if he didn't do something he'd probably die on the island. He didn't have a lot to lose at this point, I guess. 

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