Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kicks to Six - Review of Part Six of Treasure Island

Amanda duh Panda here!

So...This is the last part. I'm happy to finish up the first book for this year! I feel accomplished. But, I'm not really sorry to see this book go. Not to say I didn't like it, but it didn't change my life. It's not really an old friend. Maybe a second reading in the future will give us a chummy relationship, but right now it feels like I finally got rid of an unwanted house guest! Not that I dislike them, but it was just really hard to entertain them and make time for them and they threw off my schedule.


Now, this is going to be short because I've got to get stuff done. I'm going to be busy reading J.K. Rowling's new book A Casual Vacancy - which we didn't think to consider putting on the list! So, hopefully I can cram it all in, in a few days. Otherwise, I'll be reading two books at the same time for this 'month'!

Okay. Here it goes.

I really really really started to fall in love with Silver in this part. I still didn't know if I could trust him, but Stevenson gives him a lot of the spot light. I love how Stevenson describes some of his actions - like talking with his pipe and his long 'speeches'

They talk a little more about the black spot in this section, but I'm still confused. I don't know if I get it or not. Really, it just seems like a jury vote. Did I miss something? Why all the dramatic mystery surrounding it? Why not call it a vote again?

I liked the part when Gunn shows up. Situational irony right there.

Then, it pretty much ended the way I wanted/expected it to. I wish I had read this as a younger girl. I would probably have enjoyed it more.

Move on over and let me at it, Panda.

First off, we were really daft not to add Rowling's new book. What were we thinking?!

Second, your opinion is the same as my own. Silver is definitely a hero-villain, but an evil one, through and through. His allegiance will change depending on who can benefit him the most. Whatever role he's in, he plays it perfectly. He's like the bad boyfriend who has his sweet moments and you can't bring yourself to leave him because when he's sweet, he's sooo sweet.

When it comes to Ben Gunn, I really thought he was going to be a bad guy. The way the doctor was hinting at Silver, I imagined something gruesome had happened to them when they went to find the treasure, and that's why they had given up the map. Obviously it was all a ruse. Disappointing.

I don't regret reading thing, but I can't really recommend it. As Panda said, I am glad this unwanted house guest is gone, and now I can change back into my sweats, kick my feet up, and not have to worry about Silver stabbing me in the back....

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