Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two fer two - Review of Part Two of Treasure Island

Hel here :)

I hope you enjoyed "International talk like a pirate day" yesterday! It was very fitting for our theme.

Moving on to business.

Part Two of Treasure Island introduces the infamous Long John Silver, who is the "hero-villain", as my copy of the book describes him, and your stereotypical pirate, peg leg and all.

Silver is an interesting character because you never know whether to believe him or not. He is very charismatic and everyone loves him. I love the way he uses the word "dooty", but I find the pirate/sea talk hard to follow. Half the time I feel like I don't know what's going on.

Arr, matey.

I love love (double love means it's true love) the captain that the squire hires to run the ship. He is, clearly, a bad a**, and very suspicious of the crew the squire has hired. However, everyone, including the captain, agrees that Silver is trustworthy.

Is he? Is he? I guess we have to keep reading to find out. Hopefully I can stay awake through the rest of this.

Amanda Panda here!

Okay, so, at this point in the story the hero starts on the adventure. The Fellowship - er, I mean, crew - is assembled and they are on their way. No surprises yet. Same old same old. 

Silver steals the show - kinda like when Orlando Bloom was supposed to be the main character in P.O.T.C. but Depp ended up in the spotlight. To me, Silver's a Mad-Eye Moody character. And we all know how he turned out. 

I love the names of the others. Israel Hands's name, for some reason, reminds me of the old line "Call me Ishmael." Don't know why. Maybe someone else can elaborate on this point, if there is any possible connection - I've never read Moby Dick and I don't intend to. 

Silver's parrot, Captain Flint (named after the real Captain Flint), is a direct ancestor of the Monkey from P.O.T.C. "We named the Monkey Jack." ...Seriously, you guys, Pirates of the Caribbean is making this book less enjoyable because it's all been "done before." But the sad thing is, is that this book was actually first. 

But on another note, I think that they should do a film adaptation of this. Is there one out there that I don't know about? Is it any good? Well, whatever the case, I would watch this. 

Now, for my opinion of this 'Part.' ...Of course the first thing you do when you find a treasure map is to collect a crew of rascals to help you search for it. Forget telling the government about it and asking for their help and their men. I mean, there is NO POSSIBLE way when you bring the treasure on board that the men will want a cut of it. No, all the men will just stick to what they're paid and never give the gold a second glance. 


Heck, even I would overthrow the captain if they were dumb enough to hire me and wave gold in my face - a history of piracy or not. There is NO good way to bring back treasure. Why do you think the last dude had to leave it behind? 

Only money-hungry men would bother with this futile mission. This should tell you something about our main characters. 

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