Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Chosen Few

The suspense is killing me! Is it killing you? I’m sure it is, so sure…
Here are MY picks, i.e. the books I chose off of Panda’s lovely little list:
1. Treasure Island
2. The Last Oracle
3. Redshirts
4. The Fault In Our Stars
5. Deerskin
6. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Yay! I’m very excited to be reading all these great picks. I hope you guys will read along with us. If not, what are you reading right now? More importantly, I wonder what Panda has chosen from my list!

Amanda here! These are the six I picked from Hel’s list! 
2.Déjà Dead
3.All the Pretty Horses
4.The Grapes of Wrath
5.The Marriage Plot 
6.The Paris Wife

(In Captain Planet voice) WITH OUR LISTS COMBINED…these are the 12 books we’ll be reading this year.  

The reading schedule isn't fixed, but we’ve decided to read Treasure Island first (it’s actually the shortest!). It will give us time to get our act together (I need to buy used books off of Amazon, etc., etc.).  

So…you should totally read along with us. Or, if you've already read it, check in sporadically for when we put our discussion-things up. I already have A LOT to say about Treasure Island. (Where the f^ck are all the mermaids I thought were in it?)


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