Monday, September 24, 2012

Gunns blazing - Review of Part Three of Treasure Island

Amanda here!

So, in this part everything you expected to happen...happens.

Ben Gunn is dear to my heart. Especially since he likes cheese so much. I suspect that his name is a play on words for "Been Gone." Because that's what he's been. He hasn't seen another human in quite some time.

I want to parallel him to Friday from Robinson Crusoe, because he's the non-human human - the character portrayed with below-average intelligence, yet he still has something to offer. He's described as "lurking" like some animal, so that's where I'm coming from.

I thought it was funny that Jim automatically assumes he might be some sort of cannibal. Jim had obviously been reading too much Defoe. But I will admit, the dude is crazy.

Hey-ho, it's Hel :)

I have to agree that Ben Gunn is an interesting/funny character (nice observation about his name, by the by). He seems to be what I imagine Captain Sparrow would be like if he remained stranded on an island instead of continually managing to escape. Ah, good old POTC.

The way he is introduced is hilarious. He is described as being really fast. I guess he's gotten good at maneuvering on the island since he's been there. But the way he was described, I pictured the whole thing like a Scoobie Doo cartoon or something - Ben creeping from behind one tree to the next, stealthily but quickly, on tip toes.

Interestingly, Ben claims to be very rich, which leads me to believe he is in possession of the treasure. I guess we will see!

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